Create a mood board for your project

Tanya Taylor at design

What’s your style?

How would you describe the style you hope to achieve with your project. That answer might be difficult to verbalize. Do you and your partner have the same style vision? I suggest a simple activity to help you gain a general perspective that is a great way to start good conversations.

A mood board

Unlike the design boards with specific choices that I will create for you during the design process, a mood board is an informal collection of images that represent things that appeal to you. The goal is to explore different things that you like and put them together in one place. This collection can help us identify patterns, styles, colors that you gravitate to and help us make early design decisions. 

Get started

Keep it simple. Create a Pinterest board and just add items that appeal to you. Cut out images from magazines and put them in an envelope – whatever works for you.  DON’T try to curate, or think too much about the images you add. This is a brainstorming step. Just put it all in one place for now. We will take the next step together.

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