Why work with an interior designer?

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After working over two decades in the home design industry I’ve learned a thing or two.  When we work together, you have access to so much more than if you were to tackle your home design alone. 

My Knowledge

With each unique project I’ve gained wisdom and insight that I would love to share with you. I’ve learned through hands-on experience what works to bring a design together. More importantly, I’ve learned how to avoid costly pitfalls.  

I can help you navigate the budget process and decide where your design dollar is best spent. 

My Network

Through the years I’ve gained a network of professionals with a variety of skills. I can help you find the right builder or tradesperson to best handle your custom work – at the best price. Communication is so very important on a project. Consider me your liasion with contractor, architect, approval official, etc. My rolodex is at your service. 

My Resources

Finding new furnishings, finishes, fixtures is my business. I am constantly staying up on design trends. As a professional designer I have access to a large variety of trades-only sources and custom producers.  I will help you curate your space in a way that is unique and special to you. 

My Perspective

Education, training and experience means I will see your space differently and suggest design solutions that you may not have considered. I can also help you manage the decision overload and make the best choices for your lifestyle.

My Value

I am proud of the work I do. I will work hard for you. My goal is to save you time, get you the best value for your dollar, and deliver a wow design that makes you happy every time to enter it.


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